Our Therapist



In order to maintain the authentic Indonesian touch, all therapists employed are of Indonesian ethnicity and had undergone processes of training and professional education at LPPMS (Lembaga Pendidikan dan Pelatihan Mooryati Soedibyo) / Institute of Education and Training Mooryati Soedibyo. Experience shows that spa treatments performed by Indonesian therapists are more favored by the majority of international customers. Solely due to the thumb pressure techniques that characterize the Indonesian exotic massage.



In 1977, the secrets of traditional beauty were revealed by Mrs. BRA. Mooryati Soedibyo to her fellow beauticians. Students from all over the country and even abroad later joined the class for an in-depth study of body treatments, traditional beauty and health.

In response to the growing enthusiasm, in 2003, LPPMS (Lembaga Pendidikan dan Pelatihan Mooryati Soedibyo) was created as an official educational institution, presenting even wider programs of beauty and professional development. In line with its development, LPPMS developed soft skills training program to support companies in improving human resources quality and support services for maximum customer satisfaction.

As time passes, the responsibility shifted to developing enterprise-scale human resources through focused trainings for both inner and outer appearance.